Tired of selling your soul to the devil to grow your business?


This is not unusual. You have learned to master your work, a work that makes you feel alive and that has deep meaning. You have a calling that you can’t ignore.You feel awake and alive. You are definitely ahead of the curve in many aspects.

You’ve probably been taught there are lots of rules to play by in your business: Hustling, pushing, asking for the sale, being overly focused on the money – which perpetually makes you feel like whatever you’re doing is not big enough or fast enough. And you’re feeling like it’s never really you.

Nobody tought you how to grow your business, you’re doing your best and learning as much as you can from experts, and yet you can’t find a way to do so that inspires you and helps you maintain the momentum with ease.

Chances are you are experiencing one of these 2 situations:

  1. You power through it, you work harder, putting more hours and energy, you learn and read as much as you can, hoping one day you’ll figure it out and things will become easier.
  2. You can’t keep up anymore. Your enthousiasm is fading, doubt creeps in. You are really tired of pushing and pretending.

Either way, you can’t continue this way. You’re not having the results you want. You feel overwhelmed and exhausted. You’re not having fun, and it’s way too hard. You want to find another way.

Let me help you reconnect with your own rhythm and learn how to dance with your business.

Hello, I’m Maria Arredondo.

I help sensitive women in business reconnect with their own rhythm so they achieve new levels of success in their business without selling their soul to the devil.

Maria Arredondo, Business Renewal Coach

Three Common Challenges that sensitive women in business resolve when working with me:


Trying to be someone else to be accepted or to fit in. You’re trying to swim with the masses, trying to do the right things, following the experts and the latest trends in marketing, and somehow, this doesn’t work for you. As a result, your message is diluted, your voice is unheard, you’re just one more fish in the ocean… You don’t feel like YOU.


Most business approaches make you cringe, so much of what experts say you have to do to grow your business feels gross, manipulative, so inauthentic, so outdated and dysfunctional…. Too much rigidity. So much pressure around you, on having to succeed and having to look a certain way. So many shoulds and musts! Trying to fit in is making you feel resentful, as if you are selling your soul to the devil. Unfortunately, it’s been leaving you in a stagnant place for longer than you would have wanted. What a waste of energy and talent. You could help so many more people! You are different, your work is different, and the way you grow your business needs to be different too.


You feel restless, uninspired, your creativity has died, you can’t keep up with the outer pressure. You are tired of faster, bigger, higher. Yet you don’t know how to break through this plateau, you don’t know what else to do. Unfortunately, it’s been leaving you in a stagnant place for longer than you would have wanted. What a waste of energy and talent. You could help so many more people!

If you experience any of these challenges, stop trying harder. Another way to do business is possible:

A way that is deeply aligned with who you are, where you find your own rythm, where you create your own path – the one that makes you feel empowered and at peace.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the biggest personal development journeys you will probably ever go through.

It’s the journey where you become the leader you need to be to make your business successful.

It’s the adventure of finding your SELF, trailbazing your own path and learning to dance with your business.

These are the keys to become the leader you need to be and to dance with your business:


Self-awareness is key in the process of reconnecting with your inner rythm and to freeing yourself of those shackles that tie you to the devil.

Dive into the ocean and you’ll discover you have inner mermaids singing to you about your treasures and your true path. They will guide you to the answers already within you, not anyone else’s. Discover your inner compass and use it to guide you through darkness, fear and uncertainty.



Connect with the power of your own truth. Let go of the layers of shoulds and ideas imposed on you from the outside. Learn to listen to yourself and to trust what you’re hearing and feeling, so that you can allow yourself to be who you really are. Being yourself is the ultimate freedom.


This work will propell you to a whole new way to BE, so you can take action in a different way and have different results. You will feel empowered, inspired, at peace. You will gain momentum and be finally on the path to achieve the results you really dream of.

You and me, let’s be dancers together. Take my hand and let me guide you so you become the leader you need to be.

If you are curious and have questions, connect with me now.

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