How NOT to sell your soul to the devil

You may know that I started learning the tarot a few months ago. Since then, I have acquired a few decks and I’ve spent some time getting to know more about each of the individual cards. I am fascinated by many, and there is one card in particular that got me thinking...

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The unconventional path – Fear of being lonely

Here’s another blog post that wasn’t planned (I was « supposed »* to write about creating goals with soul, it’s just not ready in my heart yet. *Note: self-imposed) The discussion I referred to last week in my subscribers only newsletter - which reminded me of my...

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12 signs you are ready to pivot your business

Owning your own business can be one of the most empowering experiences there is.  But what if it doesn’t feel that way? How do you know anyway if it's time for you to change direction? Go through the list below and read through the 12 signs that indicate whether you...

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The Paradox of change

We all want to change. Big things or small things, there is always something we are not happy about and we *wish* we could change. And yet we resist more often than not. Change is a matter of new identity. You know yourself now, but you don’t know who you are going to...

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