As your secret weapon, I challenge the edges of what you think is possible by opening windows, doors and holes in the walls. I push and stretch your limits, because that’s what an exmplorer like me likes to do. And like mermaids, we dive deep. The idea is to illuminate the essence of who you really are. It is what we do to come alive, to thrive, to succeed, to be at peace.

And just like that, you find yourself free of those shackles and in the throes of happiness, light, joy, radiance, trust and relaxation. From then on, it is pure bliss: changing from the inside out, and knowing that whatever you’re doing is what you’re meant to do. Dancing in business is like connecting to the absolute truth of who you really are, and doing something about it.

You’ll become a feminine, graceful swan – a true dancer at heart – where you and everything in your business flows with ease and grace. Imagine this heart coming fully alive, fully awake and pumping this luscious blood to nourish you. Everything connects and your dreams suddenly have permission to give itself life.

Marketing will feel more natural. Sales will feel easier. Business in general will be more fun. You’ll be building on your natural strengths and talents, allowing your true self to glow. That’s when the dance between you and your business becomes really enjoyable (and profitable!)


Start thinking of you and your business as a tomato plant that grows organically, without any of the pesticides or fertilizers that are forcing it to grow faster, bigger, higher.

This new way of approaching your business in a more organic way begins with intimately getting to know yourself. Stop looking outward, and start focusing inward.

Start by creating space around you and inside of you. You can’t add more water in a glass that is already full of water!

Become aware of your values, what is truly important to you, what fulfills you and satisfies you, so you can build your inner compass (and strengthen your boundaries when something doesn’t feel right)

Learn how to align every action and decision to your inner compass, so you break through your own resistance. When things feel easy, you will want to keep doing them because they feel good, which builds momentum and consistency. When you are consistent, you get results like you probably have never seen before.

Learn how to discern and break free from those thoughts that don’t belong to you, that are not serving you and that are holding you back from success (like many of your “shoulds” and “musts”).

Identify your biggest fears and blockages, and learn how to turn them around so they can serve you instead of paralize you.

Learn how to listen deeply to what you really want and how to make it happen. Tune into your intuition and start giving you permission to trust it and follow it.

As a result of this work, your true YOU will break free. You will be nourished from inside, feel inspired, more peaceful, and more in control of your own destiny and success.

You will radiate from inside out, becoming a real magnet that attracts new opportunities, new clients and new adventures.

As importantly, you will also learn how to build all these muscles so you can keep using them forever after we are done working together.



An important part of the work we will do together will involve cultivating the right mindset. The right mindset is nothing but a reflection of who you are authentically, when you are stripped of all the thing that don’t work for you.

Without the right mindset that supports your vision, you can nothing but have less than satisfactory results, because one part of you wants something, and another part of you is resisting or fighting it.

Your mindset includes the following elements:

1. Attitudes – The way one thinks and feels about something

2. Beliefs – What one holds to be true

3. Opinions – A view or judgment formed about something

4. Perspective – A personal point of view

5. Filters – Limitations in thinking and seeing

6. Paradigms – A pattern or model of something

7. Preconceptions – A preconceived idea or prejudice




  • as you move away from what you are familiar with and step into a new and different way.
  • as you reconnect with your inner compass (your unique set of values)
  • from business that doesn’t light you up, to a new business where you can be fully yourself, and be valued and respected for who you are and what you know.
  • from the current stagnant place or inertia to focus and momentum
  • from fear of doing the wrong things to confident and excited about the new possibilities.

You will learn how to create inner and outer success so your business is sustainable and profitable.




At the heart of everything I offer lies a primary set of beliefs:

  • We can create anything we want in life, with the right support.
  • Life is meant to be happy.
  • We are naturally creative and resourceful. Some are more trained than others in accessing their own truth or wisdom, but it’s all there already, and it can be accessed through the mind, the body and the soul, with the right support
  • We are whole. There is nothing wrong or broken about us, nothing needs to be fixed. Sometimes, we only need someone to help us peel away the layers of lies/limitations we’ve been telling ourselves.
  • Business can be a powerful force for good and profit, both for you and for the world.
  • Women have the potential to transform the world and make this a better place.


My main intention is to help you become all that you are capable of becoming by accessing your truth, so you can create a richer, fuller and more abundant life that is supported by your meaningful business.


Dare to go where most people don’t

I love depth and substance. While many people buy into the quick success formulas, I know from personal experience and from having worked with lots of clients, that authentic success starts within you. YOU are at the source of everything you create, both bad and good, so we may as well enhance the good.

I’m fascinated by the level of connection, trust and intimacy that coaching can create and how this space enables to uncover real wonders as much as to deflate fears and unuseful patterns.

It’s challenging to do the deeper work alone, it’s sometimes messy and scary. No one gets there alone. I love digging and exploring, I love peeling layers and putting pieces back together, so we can uncover your treasures and set up solid foundations for your meaningful and impactful work.


Create space for exploration and transformation

An in-between space is needed for reinvention or renewal. This space between the old and the new is the field of creativity, exploration, openness to dream and create whatever you want to.

I love taking time for this exploration before we move into taking action and making it real.


Call BS with fierce love 

I’m also not afraid of calling BS. I know what you don’t know about self-sabotage and fear mechanisms and how that destroys your success, and I’ll shed a light on it so you can learn from it, recover from it and move on. I very quickly see when you are telling a story that is trapping yourself. You don’t have to comply to this and I’ll remind you over and over as you need it.

By cultivating your self-awareness, you will outgrow your fears and heal your wounds, you will liberate yourself and create space for your truth to unfold. When you get out of your own way, you will take action with confidence and move on step by step toward your success.


Tailor made approach. One size does NOT fit all

Your mission, your gifts, your passions, your experience are as unique as you. You can’t follow anyone else’s formula to success because you are different and you are unique.

You have a unique path to success to trailblaze, and that is what we unfold together.


Gift of sight 

I see what others don’t see, from opportunities to connections, and together we will connect the dots until it all makes sense for you and you find the clarity to take action and feel great about it. You will gain a new level of clarity that is essential to fast-track your success on your own terms.

When you only see flaws and imperfection, I see and acknowledge your beauty and your worth, so you can free yourself from your guilt and unworthiness and thus expand your possibilities.


Listening and curiosity

I master the art of listening: listening to what you are saying and more importantly, what you are not saying, so you can identify what you truly desire and what lights you up and strongly stand for what you believe in.


Resonance meter & Inner Compass

I can also very quickly sense what is right/off for you, so you will be continually challenged to pursue what feels light and inspiring as opposed to heavy and draining. You will learn to choose what is right for you, instead of what is right for others. I will also teach you how to access your own compass and how to connect with your inner wisdom, which will become your best and most dependable ally as you walk toward your success on your own terms.You will no longer need external validation, you will be liberated from social expectations and all the “should”s. You will make your own choices and lead your own life with confidence and excitement.


Freedom Keymaster

I can easily open new doorways for you when you feel trapped in a path that doesn’t work for you. This will open up new ways of thinking, new perspectives, it will help you play with new ideas, expand your possibilities, experiment, and as you find more play and ease, you will be able to create new opportunities for you to expand your work into the world and feel liberated from burdens that neither serve you nor your work nor clients.


Blend of coaching and mentoring

I have an MBA under my belt and have invested over 150k$ in renowned training, top coaches. I also have a wealth of renewal experience, so you can benefit from the best coaching and mentoring, and save you tons of money and energy.

I will mentor you in business where needed, and I primarily focus on coaching the inner you to create the outer results.


We are partners

I’m wholeheartedly committed to your success on your own terms. I select the clients I work with with as much care as you choose your coach.

It’s important that I know about what is going on for you, I really care about you and your success. I want to talk to you, hear from you and work with you to get you to where you want to go. I’m here to help you get the support you need when you need it, so you don’t get stuck or side tracked.

I will be the guardian of your truth and your passion so you never forget why you are doing what you are doing and who you are, especially when the times are rough.


Fun and Excitement are number one

I believe that to be truly successful, you need to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, so we will always find ways that feel fun and exciting, and drop those that drain your energy. However, bear in mind that the journey takes persistence and it may be uncomfortable at times. I like to see discomfort as the sign of your cocoon becoming too small before you grow and turn into a butterfly 🙂

When you tap into your fun and excitement, the more seductive you become to your clients and tribe, and the more money and freedom you will have.


Reach your full potential

As an ambitious woman on a mission, you want to succeed and be seen for who you are. There is a gap between who you are and what you do, and as we work together, we will close this gap. You will feel this deep sense of alignment between the inside and the outside.


I thank you in advance for giving me the privilege to touch your heart, to walk along aside you and to light a new path for you to take.

Maria x



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