Read my clients’s testimonials and what they think of our work together

I started working with Maria after a bad year that had really pulled me out of alignment in my business. Her sensitivity and understanding of what it’s like to be a quiet and introverted person in business made all the difference to me. With her help, I started working in my business in a way that suited ME, as opposed to how you’re “supposed” to do things, and it overflowed into my personal life too. In the time I worked with Maria I completely re-visioned what my business will be, was accepted to do a TED talk, and got engaged. All this after a year of stagnation. Working with Maria isn’t something you will regret!

Sarah Ramsden


Une rencontre chaleureuse, ouverte, sans jugement. C’est grâce à cette relation de bienveillance que j’ai pu me poser et réfléchir sur ma situation professionnelle. Guidée par Maria, j ai pu faire le lien entre moi, mes valeurs, mes désirs, mes plaisirs, mes besoins personnels et mes choix professionnels en cours ou à venir? Chaque séance m’a permis de clarifier petit à petit  mes questionnements de départ.

Maria guide, questionne, renomme, soutient.

En s’ impliquant dans ce travail, les reponses émanent de soi, à leur rythme. C’est pour cela que le travail avec Maria est selon moi un cheminement juste et solide.

A recommander à  toute personne un peu perdue sur les chemins parfois tortueux du travail et qui désire faire le point.

Pascale Mackels


I signed up for a session with Maria because I kept getting in my own way and struggled to build my business on my own terms. I had done some progress and was seeing encouraging results, but it still felt like I was a prisoner dragging a heavy metal ball, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t break the chain and set myself free.

Maria managed in one single session to help me open the doors of the prison I had created for myself, and I now feel lighter and more confident to do things my way.

Maria is a wonderful listener and will help you in a very effective and kind way.

I’m so grateful I found Maria and I highly recommend her services.

Anne Ricci

I just got off the 90 min call with Maria and I feel a massive (!!!) weight off my shoulders and so much clearer about what I need to be doing in my business. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. She is incredible and a total delight.  ♥♥♥

(And to anyone thinking of working with Maria I have two words for you: DO IT. This is her zone of genius and you will get a PLAN and enjoy the process.)


A few weeks later…

I loved working with you and learned so much. Because of our work together, I changed my focus and am having more fun and more clients. Thank you Maria. I feel like my business is going where I want it to go!

Lisa Sharp

Professional Organiser and Space Healer,

I always worry that a business coach won’t appreciate my approach to making a life, not just a living. Or that it needs to align with me, not some cookie cutter version of business and marketing. I also worry I won’t make good enough use of the support to make the investment pay off. Working with Maria was none of that!

When I decided to work with Maria, I was feeling stuck about taking action a particular business idea to help take my business to the next level. I was spinning with too many ideas and too much fog around moving into unknown territory.

Through the process, I got clear about the exact next steps, while letting go of all the head spin of where it might go. That helped me relax and focus so much better than I had been doing. It was the most relaxed and clear I had felt in a year about these ideas. Right away, I started taking steps I had been avoiding for far too long. Thanks to taking those steps, I found even more clarity and revised the plan in a way that was even more aligned with who I am and what I want for my life.

Maria has a way of listening calmly and asking questions at just the right time, in just the right non-intrusive way,  that gets me to find the clear and simple path for me. It’s so freeing to find that ease. Her calm clear style makes the things that scare me feel so much easier.

I think my favorite part is the energy of interacting with Maria. Wow. I keep sensing the sound of pinging a beautiful crystal glass. It just resonates in a clear satisfying way.

I feel happy just knowing Maria is out there in the world, bringing such a refreshing approach to the world of business and making an authentic life. I’m trying to bring this same kind of approach to my clients and I need to know I’m not alone in it.

I would strongly recommend Maria to people who want to live from the heart at work and beyond.


Val Nelson

The Black Swan Coach,

When I hired Maria, I had never signed up for a 12 month program before. I have a habit of getting bored with one thing & wanting to move on, but realized how this habit was stopping my success.

Paying for the program, even though I was sure it was going to be worth it, was a significant investment for me.

I felt supported in my new & exciting business, as well as in life’s challenges. I let go of my ‘old business’ that didn’t serve me anymore and I launched my dream business. From working with Maria  I gained great clarity about the direction I needed to take in my business (& therefore my life). I felt totally supported in this journey that otherwise I may not have continued on.

I am very excited about what will grow and be created over the next few months and expect my business to continue to prosper & reach over 6 figures in less than a year after working with her.

Maria has pushed, encouraged and supported me in a gentle but very effective way & I am not sure it would have been possible without her. The most important thing people would need to know about working with Maria is that they can’t hide & get away with it! She can tell when something isn’t right, is a superb listener and will find the right path. She is also extremely professional, reliable, punctual and very clear on what is expected.

What I like best about working with her is that she misses nothing! If I am not feeling great, have low confidence or some other problem, she will keep digging & stay with me through it until I am out the other side. As a result, I am more confident, more able to balance myself between sessions & feel totally supported in such a holistic way. I haven’t come across this level of support before.

I would totally recommend Maria’s services to anyone who is  struggling to get to the next level in their business or those who are unsure of the direction they need to take.

I feel blessed to have had her as my coach.

Sarah Leather

Success Coach, Homeopath & Naturopath,


Before working with Maria, I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I was struggling to really nail my message and find an authentic way to share it. I wasn’t sure if four sessions would be enough to get me unstuck, but Maria’s intuitive and very respectful approach immediately helped me get clear on what I needed and to prioritize my tasks. Being gently held accountable also helped me to take real action steps.

I definitively recommend Maria’s services to anyone who needs an outside perspective and a gentle yet concrete guidance to get unstuck and turn ideas into action.

Maria is a great listener and has a gift to nail the right words out of confused ideas.


Mélanie Sylla

Mindful Holistic Health Guide,

I was looking for guidance to move my business forward. I had so many ideas I wanted to develop that I was stuck not knowing exactly where to start or what was the next logical step. I also was doubting about my ideal client and my niche, I was feeling afraid that narrowing my niche would be a bad idea for my business to get clients. I was unclear about how to monetize my business idea and how to package my services in a way that attract my ideal clients.

As a result of working with Maria, I gained clarity about my niche and my business idea.  I feel awesome about it!  Also, Maria helped me to create an offer that is relevant to my ideal client, I can’t wait to test it.

Maria also helped me discover the uniqueness in my message and how I can use it with my personality to stand up and create a unique business, aligned with my personality and values. 

I love that from session 1 Maria had a plan for me and my business, to help me get clarity about my niche and my ideal client. 

The homework and having her support during the whole process with the right advice, created the accountability I needed to move forward. And, of course, I love that she also speaks Spanish so I could express myself more easily.

People should know that Maria delivers what she promises, she is a good listener and she gives full support so I could move forward with a real actionable plan.

You gave me more than just accountability; you gave strategies to move forward.

I would definitely recommend Maria’s coaching program to friends that are starting their business and are unclear about their niche, their business idea and/or their message. Starting a business is more complicated than it looks like and having a coach is the best way to fast-forward the process and avoid some mistakes in the way.

Denise Da Costa

Professional Organiser, Interior Designer,

When I was in a state of feeling overwhelmed and I felt like I lost my focus, I decided to get myself more clarity and focus again by working with Maria.

After feeling lost, overwhelmed and confused, Maria helped myself to get crystal clear on what I offer, what my strengths are and what I really want to do. She helped me reflect myself and get a clearer picture of myself and what it is I can offer my clients.

Maria is a great listener. Her questions were absolutely adequate and helped me reflect on my inner chaos. She helped me find my inner voice and listen to it. She is a true coach – one that helps you to find your own answer by listening to yourself.

Maria is a real coach through and through, she is very caring. It was a pleasure to work with her. It was fun, we laughed a lot and it was never at any  point uncomfortable.

I would recommend Maria to anyone who is speaking English (as I am German based) and who is comfortable working with an English speaking coach.

Andrea Giesler

Business Strategist and Consultant,

I remember my first session with Maria so clearly… From the very first moment I knew I wanted to work with her but it was not “my time”. Her words and clarity of mind about how to draw a plan to follow were an aha-moment for me.

About a year ago, my time had come, I was ready and it was clear that I needed her help. I knew I wanted to change my life to honour my life values (fun, independency, creativity and collaboration) and I had some ideas but I was not sure where to start. We have worked together through very difficult moments (fighting against some limiting beliefs and other fears) but it has been mostly a super fun, energizing and inspiring journey, a journey looking ahead that is full of possibilities.

I recently quit my job in a luxury brand to launch the service I’ve been designing and testing for the last 6 months.Maria’s help and ideas have been indispensable to craft the offer, understand what my clients want but most importantly, to know what ‘I want’.

I love her fun and uncomplicated way to approach any subject. Working with Maria has given me the confidence to do what I want and the freedom to change direction if needed. The weeks I couldn’t make it to our ‘date’ I missed her so much. Our sessions are always exciting and leave me full of energy and happily thinking about what I am going to do next (and actually doing it!). My problem has always been that I have so many ideas but was not executing them. She has softly but firmly lead me to getting things done.

I would recommend her services (I am actually doing it) to anyone who wants to achieve their dreams, anyone who needs to change directions or refocus on what matters.

Working with her is fun, inspiring and gets you results. Her vast knowledge in business with her infectious optimism really makes a difference when planning your future. I just love working with her!

Paula Arredondo


During our work together, I notice that I am NOT in my head, neither do I got sucked into my negativity when I think about my business…YAY! Thanks to Maria, her great energy and her focus. Her impact is crystal clear, pure energy!

She is the first person in 5 years of my coaching experience that I really feel like she’s a proper business coach who really knows what she is doing and she does it in such a way that really fits all what I’m about.

Henrietta Szovati

Founder of The Heart Project

Maria has an uncanny knack for getting to the core of what’s going on for me. She always remembers that I like to have fun in my life – even when I forget that myself! Her careful listening gives me a safe place where I can explore whatever is most important that day, and I always come away with a powerful new action plan. Coaching with Maria is a real source of joy!

Elizabeth Martyn

Life Coach,

Maria is like warm sun on a winter’s day – just what you knew you were missing but couldn’t quite put into words. She cares deeply for her clients, and has an annoyingly sharp perception – there is no hiding from her! Life always feels better after a session with Maria.

Catherine Stagg-Macey

Executive Coach,

Not long into our sessions we realized that I need accountability and Maria asked me to provide a task as well as proof of accomplishing this task before our next session. I came to many realizations during our sessions – mostly myself through questions that Maria asked.  She was always creative in how she asked these questions and pictures would form in my mind immediately afterward.  I’ve now got systems in place to help me manage my business and personal life!

Maria is professional, compassionate, caring and very intuitive.  She has provided me with insight and value beyond what I had expected and I would very much recommend her services for those looking to change their life, change their business or change their outlook on life.  Thank you Maria!

Dawn Priestley

Owner / Creative Entrepreneur,

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